Revenge of the Mekons, 2014

A lively, behind-the-scenes chronicle of the critically adored, cultishly revered band/art collective that reveals how, four decades into an unpredictable and still-evolving career, its members remain committed to their art, their values and each other. Produced and directed by Joe Angio. 96 mins. Distributed by Music Box Films.


Awards, honors and distinctions:

  • Critics' Pick: New York Times, Village Voice, Time Out New York
  • U.S. theatrical premiere, Film Forum NYC, Oct.. 2014
  • Opening-night presentation, CIMMfest, Chicago,  May 2014
  • Official selection DOC NYC, Leeds International Film Festival, DOXA (Vancouver), In-Edit (Barcelona), Noise Pop (San Francisco), Sarasota Film Festival, Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC), Branchage


How to Eat Your Watermelon in White
Company (and Enjoy It), 2006

Part icon, part iconoclast, Melvin Van Peebles is a filmmaker with a history that’s as fascinating as any of his motion pictures. This award-winning documentary is a remarkable, rollicking journey that helps to explain where Sweet Sweetback actually got his song. Written and directed by Joe Angio. 85 mins.


Awards, honors and distinctions:

  • Opening-night presentation, Full Frame
    Documentary Festival
  • Best Picture, jury and audience awards, 
    Biografilm Festival, Bologna, Italy
  • Best Documentary Feature,
    Festival Internacional de Cine Las Garzas, 
    Panama City, Panama
  • U.S. theatrical premiere, Film Forum, NYC, 2006
  • U.S. television premiere, IFC-TV, 2007
  • Image Entertainment DVD release, 2007

More than a Game, 1992

More than a Game is an exuberant, oft-times heartbreaking account of Chicago playground basketball. Featuring NBA stars (including a youthful Glenn “Doc” Rivers), local legends and everyday players, More than a Game depicts the playground as a place where basketball junkies of all ages gather not only to compete but also to escape and, for many, to survive. Produced and directed by Joe Angio & Joel Cohen. 50 mins.


Awards, honors and distinctions:

  • Aired in numerous PBS markets, 1992
  • Distributed to more than 20 countries in Europe,
    Asia and South America by Tapestry International, 1992–97
  • Redistributed by SnagFilms, 2010

A Feast of Fools, 1987

To hordes of rowdy visitors, Mardi Gras is the world’s largest outdoor party. But to New Orleans natives it’s revered with religious-like fervor. A Feast of Fools takes a wry look at what happens when these opposing forces collide for one week every year. Produced and directed by Joe Angio & Joel Cohen. 21 mins.


Awards, honors and distinctions:

  • Best Documentary, Festival of Illinois Film & Videomakers, 1987
  • European premiere, Torino International Film Festival, Oct. 1987
  • U.S. television premiere, Image Union (PBS, Chicago), 1987