Roseland Films & Media is a multimedia content provider headed by Joe Angio.

In an age of video and print convergence over digital, multi-platform devices, the ability to produce effective, cost-efficient content across numerous and varied media is essential. 

With more than three decades experience in documentary filmmaking, magazine publishing, live-event television directing and producing, and video production for corporate and Web clients, Roseland Films & Media is uniquely qualified to fulfill all your content needs.


About Joe Angio:

Joe Angio is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and magazine editor. His films have thrilled film-festival audiences around the world and have been shown on television in more than 30 countries. 

As a magazine editor, Angio’s titles are known for their sharp wit, bold point of view and newsstand impact. 

Angio has also worked extensively as a producer-director in television and video, with a particular emphasis on live sports and entertainment productions.